BobnBab… Our Business Language.

BobnBab, a full service advertising/graphic design agency in the Middle East, is proud to offer matchless creativity, accounting planning and customer service bar none highly values establishing and maintaining close and personal relationships with its clients.

At BobnBab, clients will benefit from our unconditional commitment, confidentiality and flexibility where the best services are provided to supplement your entire business needs, goals and preferences.

Our small size allows us to provide you with personal attention that will not only value your importance as our client, but also give you the confidence and trust towards our devotion for your company and its continued success.

Our talented and experienced personnel all have experience working in top ranked larger agencies, where they gained the expertise necessary to operate an ad agency in conjunction with providing personalized and focused attention along with high standards and creative products.

Simple economics allow us to be more competitive with our costs, allowing you to get the full potential out of your marketing budget without a loss of superior creativity, account planning and design services. We stay dedicated to the priorities without any compromise on the overall long-term goals.

Products/Services Offered

BobnBab is blessed to have a group of talented and dedicated creative people delivering the best services to its clients.

Before any engagement with any client, extensive research is conducted about the client’s business, success stories, challenges, goals, products/services, target audience, market and everything in between.

By having our core services performed in-house, we maintain creative control for you and make sure that your message and goals are achieved with consistency, enabling your brand to become more powerful.

We are also proud to bring our partnership to the table when large media planning and buying, and back-end database programming necessitate.

Services we offer are the followings:

  • Branding
  • Advertising - Campaign/Promotional
  • Marketing - Planning/Development
  • Web Design, Development & Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Collateral & Sales Design
  • Interactive Messages
  • Direct Advertising
  • Media Placement
  • Events Management


“Perception is reality.”-Anonymous

At BobnBab we highly value the branding of our clients, The power behind every purchase by your customers is underscored by:

As how are you seen? How are you perceived, and what they believe you are?

"Branding is the Language of Business."- BobnBab Philosophy No.1

Your brand is not just your logo-It is your ambassador that always gets to your clients before you do. When a business transaction is made a bond has been established, but what people tend to overlook is the fact that this transaction was made before it even began.

We focus on making your customers consider your company before they even meet you in person.

Your brand is your reputation. It must be presented trustingly from beginning to end.

Advertising – Campaign/Promotional

The strength and exclusivity of your message is the key to separating your company from the masses.

BobnBab’s main focus is to elevate you and create a unique name and signature for you in the market.

"Advertising is so Loud."-BobnBab Philosophy No.2

Your new image will make your existent customers proud to be associated with you and more customers will be knocking on your door in no time.

Marketing – Planning/Development

Upon having a strong message established, the key is where to convey it, at what cost and whether the ROI is achieved or not.

"We create strategies for your business to win.”-BobnBab Philosophy No. 3

Either your ROI is based on pure increase in sales; standing your brand above others or a promotional launch….you must be in the right place at the right time.

Tracking and analyzing the results, significant or not, is always essential to understanding the scope of your advertising campaigns. .

Web Design, Development & Marketing

"We Set the Standards for Web Solutions." –BobnBab Philosophy No. 4

Over the years, the internet has become the best tool to access and reach the larger number of potential clients.

There is no reason why you cannot implement the same “hand shake”, “look you in the eye” and “we’ll take care of you” feeling to your customers through your web site that has been accomplished with a professional sales staff.

Customers stumble across your web site, find it on purpose or are driven there by you (sometimes even by your weaker competition). Your web site must present your company in an appropriate fashion. It must be aesthetically designed, user friendly and pleasing to the customer. It must present your ideas coherently, be updated and designed to fit the latest web standards and must drive them to your ultimate goals. Above all- it must be found.

With over a decade of experience in web designing at BobnBab we use the latest in the web technology and guarantee you the best internet marketing for your website from the code to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to the e-mail marketing and online advertising.


“Copy from one, it's plagiarism; copy from two, it's research.”- Wilson Mizner

“What you say” and “how you are saying it” is crucial to the ongoing customer’s understanding and “buying into” your product and/or service.

One can say 75% of advertising is headline driven. We believe that to be true, but the remaining 25% is 75% of your true message. Focusing on headlines and statements alone to drive your success, might lead to failure, as long term and dedicated customers who actually want to read about you and your entire message will be left behind.

BobnBab is here to propel your entire message and make it flow from headline to finish.

Collateral & Sales Design

Your collateral pieces must be attractive in the eyes of your customers. Your materials, leading your customer closer to a sale, must draw-in and retain your customers.

""It takes courage to be creative." –BobnBab Philosophy No. 5

Your whole message needs to get across. Connecting the dots between your web site, your Collateral Materials and your other Messages is essential to the whole sales cycle.

Your Collateral Materials must be effective, memorable and make a difference.

Interactive Messages

Numerous ways and tools exist for your customer to interact with the message to be portrayed.

Using the accurate amount of interactivity, and control, you can customize your message to be of a unique preciseness. You are giving your customers the best opportunity to “test” your sales pitch when you give them the power to actually interact with your message.

You have the ability to take them down a specific path with Interactive Media.

"The World in One Click!"-Jean Ghalo, CEO and Founder of BobnBab

Direct Advertising

Some people might argue that direct advertising is a numbers game. You can count on a 1-2% return? The same might be true in some scenarios, but when used efficiently, it is beyond a numbers game.

Analyzing detailed customer data, tailoring the message to specific target audiences and using a unique vehicle can generate much better results than just response rates. It can bring a relationship into place.

In summary, direct advertising is just part of an integrated approach used to tie strategic marketing efforts together.

Events Management

BobnBab Events strives to address the event marketing needs in the Middle East and is specialized in the organization and management of a wide spectrum of events from Micro to Mega concepts, including exhibitions, seminars, conferences, meetings, and product launches & promotions, entertainment and themed events, corporate events and hospitality programs.

BobnBab Events are committed to deliver reliable and quality service that are achieved through effective and innovative solutions delivered to the highest quality.

“A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success.”-Robert Purvis

With our excellent credibility BobnBab Events have managed to design impressive entertainment concepts and create astonishing ceremonies in the MENA region, giving the phrase: The State of the Art a new definition. .

""Successful Events Make Successful Business."-BobnBab Philosophy No. 6